Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 3)

This soaking on the eastern seaboard should be a wake up, with time enough to shave and shower. Is it too late to reverse over
saturation of the ectoplasma with carbon and methane from live stock? Or will we find the balls to move away from fossil fuels. And reduce other green house threats such as methane.



Listen to: Donald Trump Unveils Plan To Cut Taxes For Millions

Listen to: Donald Trump Unveils Plan To Cut Taxes For Millions –

99% of Americans will never make enough money to benefit from ‘tax cuts’. Its the biggest brainwashing of the polity.
Listen to the Donald in this clip. He says, he has millions of dollars in accounts overseas that he can’t bring into the country because he’ll have to pay the taxes on it.
Sir, that alone says that thee and me have absolutely nothing in common. I worked all my life, made good money, but I have zero dollars in off shore banks. And I’ m guessing that the rest of the 99% of Americans don’t either.

Has America forgotten about the Occupy movement and why it came to be? Mr. Trump has. The 99% of us have not.



Ever hear of the concept of ‘ flashpoint’? The moment a crowd turns into an uncontrolable riot?
A skilled person can incite ‘flashpoint’. Ask anyone from Ferguson, Missouri about Mr. Michael Brown. He served as the flashpoint that incited days of rioting around the US.
Your Highness, Prince Kaled al Faisa, we have a saying here in tge USA, step up to the plate and take ownership. Technically, Saudi Arabia invited all these pilgrims too come.
That makes Saudi Arabia the host, and that makes you all responsible!
I have no doubt but these stampedes are inflenced by who or for whatever agenda sick minds keep.
Don’t blame others, ESPECIALLY THE VICTIMS for your own shortcomings.
I , also, would like to hear an appology and admission of being unprepared . Dude, you had no control over those crowds. The world watched it.



What is the reason for war? What does it add to the survival instincts of the human species?
A no brainer. It insures the mixture of the gene pool. Reproduction is the single driving force in all species.
I just thought of a better way to do it.
Make LOVE not war.
If people are busy fucking they can’t wage war. It will satisfy natures need to disperse the gene pool. And its a lot more fun.


Nightly News Full Broadcast (September 22)

What a goose. You just made a 62 yo drug profitable. I’m sure labs all over the world are busy developing a knock off if they don’t have one already. Thats capitalism.
Remember when Brazil started manufacturing HIV drugs in response to need vs. cost issues? I do. You guys were honking like a gaggle of silly geese. Keep honking.


Listen to: As U.S. Announces Plan To Accept More Refugees, Michigan Gets Ready

Listen to: As U.S. Announces Plan To Accept More Refugees, Michigan Gets Ready –

I’m a registered nurse. God gifted me with empathy, not sympathy. I feel sorry for no one. But I can feel a persons pain and fears. Objective rationality rules my decision making. Not subjective emotional response.

I would much prefer that these people not come here. Quite frankly, I can’t shake the distrust fomented by 9/11. The objective evidence over rides the empathy I have for these refugees. Meaning, they have priors with us that are not so pleasant.

Ben Carson is correct. Islam is incompatible with Western ideals. For that matter, Islam is incompatible with the 21st century. The West is the 21st century. The Islamic world is stuck in the 12th. Why ask for trouble?


Listen to: U.S. Faces Challenges In Plan To Resettle 100,000 Refugees By 2017

Listen to: U.S. Faces Challenges In Plan To Resettle 100,000 Refugees By 2017 –

Remember the Palastinian Liberation Organization? The begining of the radicalization of Islam, the highjackings of airliners, olympic villages, and oceanliners? I do! I also remember 9/11.
I remember watching in horror as people jumped to their deaths rather than to be burned alive. The only air traffic that followed was the Bin Landin’s hightailing it back to whence they came.
Worse, was watching the Islamic world dancing in the streets while Yassir Arafat ran damage control. We’re the great Satan. Remember?
I do not want any of these people here. They are not welcome. Mixed in with the legitimate refugees will be dozens of terrorists. I don’t need any other proof than what happened on 9/11.
As a boy, I loved fishing. I would come home with a dozen or so, plop them on the kitchen counter, expecting Mom to clean up the mess. My Dad, however, made a rule. You catch’em, you clean’em.
Sorry guys. You allowed these thugs to commandeer your religion. All of the ayatollahs and Imams preaching death to America still echos in my head. No caliph stepping up to the plate in challenge.
Clean up your own fucking mess. The rest of humanity is tired of doing it for you. Do not expect a warm welcome from Americans, dudes. Go back and reclaim your homeland. You can’t have mine. You all burned that bridge on 9/11.


Politically Incorrect But Right On The Mark

Ben Carson is correct about Islam being incompatable with our values. The religion supports torture, racism, archiac treatment of women, intolerance to homosexuals, and the list goes on.
Democracy never sprang forth spontaneously in any Islamic nation. There is no basis for it in that culture. Look at Iran or Iraq.
Right at this very moment as I write this, hundreds of thousands of innocent people ( many who are just children) are fleeing the great leadership of Assad, et alli. Proof enough for me that human rights is not a concept in Islam.
This doesn’t mean I have any hate for the people who follow Islam. Just as I have no hate for any misguided souls.
But they are our sworn enemy.
Would you elect a known communist or nazi to be president?
Religion has become synonomous with ignorant intolerance. Perhaps thats because it always has been just that. It finds its roots in power and control over people.
Once a people is brainwashed into believing someone elses interpretation of reality, they become slaves to it. No thanks. Americans have their own moving fantasy of reality.
Its called television. Be sure to tune in for the new told lies and extreme visions of lonely tunes.